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The immersive Revolution

Soundit’s game-changing device is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority and allows audience members to become participants in the live performance experience through a new layer of sound. Soundit is the first product to combine audio and light into a single wearable device, and is developed for live performances of every scale from sporting events and concerts, to theater and corporate events.

The Soundit device is designed to be worn as a necklace or can fit in the palm of an audience member’s hand.

    Unique Value Proposition
  • Hi-Fi speakers in a durable and lightweight wearable device

  • Two signature patent-pending technologies for performance-wide audio syncing across each device and tailored user experience via location

  • Easy integration into existing PA systems with no permanent additional infrastructure required

  • Fully customizable user experience for unlimited creative audio direction

  • Device adaptation to every event size and configuration, from 10 devices to 100,000+

  • Devices operate as safe receivers with simple radio waves and pose no health risk to users


Performance Art

Sporting Events

Live Concerts

Corporate / Cultural Events


A new layer of audio and visual effects has arrived.

Soundit’s innovative technology gives producers and performers the tools to craft their audio and visual artistry in dynamic ways never imagined before.

The Soundit device enables a completely new way to experience live performance through customizable and synchronized layers of audio and lighting effects that can travel across stadiums and outdoor venues.

Fully Immersive Live Experience


A Whole
New ball game

We utilize non-streaming, location-based technology to create an enhanced live event experience. Soundit devices strategically synchronize interaction amongst each other and with a venue's existing PA system to deliver the next generation in audio-visual performance production.

A fully dynamic audio and light experience adapted creatively to match any event requirements.

  • 100,000+

    Units Live Simultaneously
  • 90db

    Powerful Speakers
  • RGB

    Full Color LED
Our Team

Soundit brings massive live events to the next level using a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind audio-visual experience

Soundit was born from the sheer mission to elevate the physical experience of large-scale live events. After two years of research and development, Soundit is proud to present its first-generation device. The wearable you are observing is the result of years of experience within the music industry. Through curiosity, interdisciplinary research and the constant pursuit of innovation, the talented team of Soundit has brought this vision to life.

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  • Nir Ashkenazy

    Engineer by training and an accomplished business and operations executive, with a wide-ranging background in technical operations, new business ventures and the start-up world. Utilizing his leadership skills with a particular emphasis on high-tech business development and growth, Nir is a principal partner overseeing a multi-million-dollar business.

  • Danny Talmi

    Experienced CEO with a demonstrated and successful history in both the manufacturing, IT, and logistics industries. His areas of expertise include Operations Management, Strategic Planning and Business Development.

  • Moshe Shomer

    Highly skilled business executive and entrepreneur, with strong leadership skills and a financial management and sales background. With over 30 years of experience in establishing and managing global corporations and start-ups, he currently oversees a multi-million-dollar business.

  • Yafit Shahar

    Experienced CFO who has positively impacted the growth of a number of businesses. She has worked with both American and Israeli companies including relocating to the United States to oversee the financial management of several companies. She is a strong team leader and is actively involved in business development.

  • Jon Jacobson

    High-tech industry seasoned veteran with over 20 years’ experience working for and with some of the largest multinational companies. Jon has a proven track record in Business Development, Sales and Strategic Planning. Skills include Business Development, Sales, Program Management and Strategic Planning.

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